How to Make Your Own GIF from a Video Clip


In this Internet age, we tend to use animated GIFs as “Reaction Gifs”, they act as fun replies for conversations on apps like Facebook and Whatsapp Messenger. Have you ever wondered, how this GIF has been created? Let’s delve into the topic right away, without any further introduction.

Before focusing on how to make a GIF, we should know what is GIF!!!!

What is a GIF?

GIF or Graphical Interchange Format is a bitmap image format.GIF was invented by a US software writer called Steve Wilhite for CompuServe in May 1987.The creators of the gif pronounced the word as “jif”, with a soft g like that in “gin”.


GIF, today is known more for making the funny animated images we share with each other than for its original purpose. Original purpose?? Ok!!Now the question is what was the original purpose behind the creation of a GIF.We’ll discuss it in the next session.

History of GIF

During the 1980s, when every byte was precious, and computer manufacturers like IBM and Apple had their own proprietary display formats for images. To minimize the impact, the developers of GIF hoped to standardize images across the Internet.

Since JPEG was under development, programmers had to make sure that they could make images that were both easily readable and had a small impact on bandwidth.

The animated GIF’s usage started dropping around 2006 and by 2012, it was no more in use. But to our surprise, it came back to the screens with a bang on 2013.

How to Make Your Own GIF from a Video Clip?

Here we’re using Premiere Pro CC for creating and exporting a GIF by using your own video clip.

Ideally, a video of 1 to 5seconds can be exported as a GIF directly from Premiere Pro CC. Here are the steps which you need to follow in order to create your GIF in few minutes, after opening your Premiere Pro CC.

  1. Import the preferred video clip you want to export as a GIF, or create the in-out points by pressing I and O keyboard shortcuts from your timeline.
  2. Click on File –> Export –> Media or press Command+M in Mac and Ctrl+M in Windows.
  3. Now an Export window will pop up on your screen. In that window, go to Format and select animated GIF.
  4. Now you can select preferred settings as your sequence.You can name your file by editing the output name option.For best settings, you can keep the frame rate as 10, field order as progressive and aspect ratio as square pixels (1.0) in video export settings.

And there is your final result!!!!

So that is how you can easily create your own GIFs in just a couple of minutes. Voila!!!Now it’s time to open your Premiere Pro and try this out!!!!

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